Dorchester County Conservation and Greenbelt Advisory Commission calls for community input in crafting Greenbelt Master Plan

December 12, 2023

The Dorchester County Conservation and Greenbelt Advisory Commission has released the Green Space Survey which marks the first step in the development of the Greenbelt Master Plan. This initiative stems from the allocation of Greenbelt funding following the 2022 One Percent Transportation Sales and Use Tax Referendum.

The primary objective of the Master Plan is to preserve, acquire, and enhance green spaces alongside recreational sites within Dorchester County. To ensure a comprehensive and community-centric approach, the Commission seeks active participation from residents during the next few months.

“Community involvement is pivotal in creating a plan that resonates with the needs and desires of our residents. This survey serves as a preliminary tool in understanding the community’s priorities regarding green spaces,” said Councilman Jay Byars.

Residents and stakeholders are encouraged to fill out this brief Green Space Survey, which will be instrumental in shaping the direction of Dorchester County’s green space initiatives.

To access the survey, please visit this link. Please note that the survey will close on January 5, 2024.