Dorchester County launches new Transportation Sales Tax Program website

May 8, 2024

Dorchester County announced the launch of its new Transportation Sales Tax Program website, a comprehensive resource dedicated to current and future transportation projects funded by the County’s Transportation Sales Tax Program. This initiative marks a step forward in keeping the community informed and involved in the enhancement of our local infrastructure.

Website: Dorchester Transportation Sales Tax Program

The new website provides detailed insights into all transportation projects that are being funded by the sales tax. From road improvements and expansions to new bike lanes and public transportation enhancements, the site offers an in-depth look at how Dorchester County is moving forward.

Residents, commuters, and stakeholders can now easily access project descriptions, progress updates, timelines, and budget allocations. The site also features interactive maps and future project proposals, allowing the community to see how their tax dollars are being invested to improve transportation throughout the county.

“Transparency and accessibility are key components of this program,” said Chairman Todd Friddle, Dorchester County Council. “We are thrilled to launch this website as it not only reflects our commitment to these values but also serves as a tool for our residents to understand and track the progress of our transportation projects.”

About Dorchester County Transportation Sales Tax Program

Established to fund critical transportation projects through a voter-approved sales tax, the Dorchester County Transportation Sales Tax Program will enhance mobility, increase safety, and foster economic growth across the county. The program oversees the funding and implementation of various transportation-related enhancements that cater to the needs of its growing population.