Dorchester County secures $11,000 grant from Duke Energy Foundation for weather stations acquisition

June 20, 2023

Dorchester County is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a generous grant of $11,000 from the Duke Energy Foundation. This grant will be used to procure weather stations, significantly enhancing the county’s capabilities in monitoring and predicting weather patterns.

The Duke Energy Foundation, renowned for its commitment to promoting environmental sustainability and community development, recognizes the importance of accurate weather data for effective disaster preparedness and resource allocation. Through this grant, Dorchester County will bolster its weather monitoring infrastructure which benefits the safety of residents by providing valuable real-time data on temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction, precipitation, and other meteorological metrics.

“Dorchester County is grateful to the Duke Energy Foundation for their investment in our community’s resilience and safety,” said Dorchester County Council Chairman Todd Friddle. “These weather stations will play a vital role in enhancing our emergency preparedness capabilities, enabling us to proactively respond to potential weather-related challenges and safeguard our residents.”

Representatives from the Duke Energy Foundation will present the check to the Dorchester County Emergency Management Director Thomas McNeal and County Council Chairman Todd Friddle on Tuesday, June 20th at 1:00pm in the County Council Chambers in Summerville, located at 500 N. Main Street, Summerville.

Dorchester County extends its sincere appreciation to the Duke Energy Foundation for their generous grant. The county looks forward to the successful implementation of the weather stations and the subsequent improvements in emergency preparedness and response.