Dorchester County Veterans Affairs implements policy change to enhance service efficiency

April 8, 2024

Dorchester County Veterans Affairs (DCVA) announces a policy update effective April 15, 2024, with the goal of optimizing service delivery for Dorchester County veterans. In alignment with neighboring counties, DCVA will exclusively process claim requests for residents of Dorchester County.

This decision reflects our commitment to addressing prolonged wait times for appointments and ensuring prompt assistance for veterans residing within our community. As of April 15, DCVA will not accept new appointment requests from individuals residing outside of Dorchester County.

However, veterans and their beneficiaries who had appointments scheduled before the effective date will continue to receive assistance. Upon claim processing completion, including the submission of evidence and receipt of correspondence from the VA, coordination will transition to the veteran’s county of residence.

“While this adjustment may pose challenges for some, we believe it will ultimately enhance our ability to serve our local veteran community more efficiently,” stated Johnny Brown, Director of Dorchester County Veterans Affairs.

It is important to note that this policy change does not limit veterans and their families from participating in any DCVA workshops or programs.

DCVA remains committed to supporting veterans and their families through this transition. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at (843) 832-0050.