Economic Downturn Offers Opportunity to Grow a Business

February 7, 2009

ORLANDO, FL – When the best and brightest executives in the country gather at Inc.’s GROWCO Conference, March 18-20, in Orlando, they will discuss how to grow businesses even in a sluggish economic climate.    

Doug Tatum, founding chairman of Tatum, LLC, the nation’s largest and fastest-growing financial and technology executive services and consulting firm, says there are excellent opportunities to grow your business, even in a downturn. 

“There is growth, the global economic data indicates that,” says Tatum, the author of ‘No Man’s Land,’ which addresses the crossroads many executives are facing right now grow or hold the line.  “It just depends on how gutsy you are about making big, hard, tough decisions about your business.”

Inc.’s GROWCO Conference has showcased some of the brightest and most forward-thinking executives in business since the conference began in the 1980s.  Drawing upon Inc.’s decades of in-depth and on-edge business reporting, the GROWCO Conference is an invaluable opportunity to gain real, practicable advice how to grow a business.

Tatum will provide a concrete strategy and examples to help executives overcome what he calls three obstacles facing all businesses: reduction in demand for goods and services, price pressure from desperate competitors, and an evolving set of customer needs.

“There are counterintuitive ways to grow your business in a downturn,” says Tatum. “Businesses can change and execute differently to gain market share.  The question is what makes them stand out?”

Geared to company owners and executives, Inc.’s GROWCO Conference particularly targets two groups of businesses: smaller organizations that want to move up in market share and respectability, and larger companies that want to establish steady results while distinguishing themselves amongst their competitors.

Through speaking tours and engagements that have taken him around the world, Tatum has cultivated a message of concrete optimism that he will bring to Inc.’s GROWCO Conference, March 18-20, in Orlando.

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About the Inc. GROWCO Conference: 

Inc. magazine’s GROWCO Conference has been a must-attend event for any business owner since it began in the 1980s.  The two-day event was created with motivated business leaders in mind, and provides more than just an excellent networking opportunity.  Participants will also receive real, workable information they can use to create or improve upon their own growth models.  The GROWCO Conference puts Inc.’s decades of in-depth and on-edge business reporting to practice, harnessing an established network of executives and speakers.  The conference will be held March 18-20 in Orlando.

About Inc. magazine:

Founded in 1979 and acquired in 2005 by Mansueto Ventures LLC, Inc. magazine ( is the only major business magazine dedicated exclusively to owners and managers of growing private companies that delivers real solutions for today’s innovative company builders. With a total paid circulation of 724,110, Inc. provides hands-on tools and market-tested strategies for managing people, finances, sales, marketing, and technology.

About Doug Tatum: 

Doug Tatum is the founding chairman of Tatum, LLC, the nation’s largest and fastest-growing financial and technology executive services and consulting firm.  Tatum is an established expert on capital markets and entrepreneurial growth businesses and has testified before Congress on the financing issues that growing companies face, as well as U.S. tax policy, and as keynote speaker at the Securities Exchange Commission Forum. He currently serves as Chairman of the Gazelle Institute, a highly regarded not-for-profit academic research institute dedicated to providing the keys to understanding the strategic importance of growing businesses and their impact on domestic and international economies. His insights into the No Man’s Land transition facing growing companies have been published in a number of magazines and journals.