Ecumenical Church and University announces 28th Convocation and Investiture Ceremony

May 9, 2024

COLUMBIA, SC – Ecumenical University announced the 28th Ecumenical Church and University Convocation, which will take place on Sunday, May 19, 2024, at 4 PM at the Metropolitan Convention Center, located at 1101 Lincoln St., Columbia, SC 29201.

This year’s convocation is marked by the presentation of honorary doctorates to notable individuals for their significant contributions to society and education. Honorees include George Dean Johnson, Jr., a distinguished business leader; Jimmy Jones of Christ Central, renowned for his extensive community service; Doris Glymph Greene, an esteemed educator; and Todd Turner, CEO of OTO Development, who will be honored Honoris Causa for his influential work in development and philanthropy.

The convocation will feature a keynote address by Mr. Todd Turner, which will illuminate the interconnectedness of Business Values and development and educational initiatives. This gathering will also proudly showcase The Ecumenical Church and University, which has been constructing 5000 schools and churches across 40 African and Asian countries. It has completed 500 projects, including constructing elementary schools, churches, and health centers with internet, clean water, and sewage systems. This initiative aims to lay the educational and spiritual foundations in regions that foster sustainable growth and development. It is a narrative of return and rebirth, where South Carolina, historically a port of entry for African slaves, now plays a crucial role. The descendants of those once brought here in chains are leading a movement back to their ancestral lands, not as slaves but as builders of a future where education and faith are the pillars of community and progress.

US initiatives include establishing Little Prayer Chapels with 15 congregations in one building across the Southern United States. These initiatives, driven by our shared faith and values, make a tangible global difference in local communities worldwide.

Founded by Bishop Redfern II, the Ecumenical Church and University has grown from a single start-up church to a vast global network of churches, prayer houses, community health centers, and universities. The University started with Dr. Stephen Manley’s visionary efforts at the Cross Style School of Practical Ministry. It has become a beacon of learning, offering training and education to leaders on campuses in over 40 undeveloped countries through innovative and accessible means, including the “Seminary in a Box” initiative.

The main campus in Columbia, SC, continues to evolve, featuring a comprehensive online curriculum, advanced media production facilities, and extensive community and health centers supporting local and global educational endeavors.

We warmly invite faculty, students, alumni, and the community to witness and actively participate in celebrating these achievements. Your presence and contributions are invaluable in fostering conversations that will shape the future of education and faith-based community initiatives.

For more information or to register for the event, please visit our website or contact the event organizer directly.