Ecumenical University appoints James L. Felder as its third president

May 10, 2024

The Board of Trustees of Ecumenical University announced the appointment of James L. Felder as its third president. Bishop Redfern II, founder of Ecumenical Church and University, officially announced, heralding a new chapter in the institution’s commitment to education and community service.

James L. Felder, a distinguished civil rights activist and former South Carolina legislator, brings a rich legacy of leadership, advocacy, and educational excellence to his new role. Felder’s life story is a testament to his relentless pursuit of justice and his dedication to empowering communities.

Born in Sumter, South Carolina, in 1939, Felder’s early involvement in the civil rights movement shaped his lifelong commitment to social equity. He was notably a pallbearer at President John F. Kennedy’s funeral, symbolizing his significant national influence. After serving in the South Carolina House of Representatives, Felder continued his impactful work, including leading voter registration drives that significantly increased Black voter participation in South Carolina.

Felder’s extensive educational background includes graduating from Clark College and Howard University School of Law, and he has held professorial and leadership roles at several higher education institutions. His publications and community initiatives further underscore his dedication to civil rights and education.

“The Board of Trustees is confident that Mr. Felder’s visionary leadership will greatly enhance our institution’s impact, locally and globally,” said Bishop Redfern II. “His remarkable history and dedication align perfectly with the mission of Ecumenical University to build educational and spiritual foundations around the world.”

James L. Felder’s investiture will be held during the 28th annual convocation of the Ecumenical Church and University on May 19, 2024, at 4 PM at the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center, located at 1101 Lincoln St, Columbia, SC. Attendees are encouraged to register at the Ecumenical University Convocation.


About Ecumenical University

Established by Bishop Redfern II, Ecumenical University is part of a global network that fosters sustainable growth through education and faith in underdeveloped regions. With projects in over 40 countries, the university remains committed to its mission of community building and spiritual leadership.