Emerging Lifestyles: Palmetto Solar Energy

December 18, 2008

COLUMBIA, SC – December 18, 2008 – Small business owners are one the minds of everyone but in South Carolina emerging entrepreneurs have their mind set on viable, realistic, and achievable success with solar energy.

South Carolina entrepreneurs are staying ahead of the economic crisis with innovative ideas and new technologies.  This month, Palmetto Solar, a USC-Columbia Technology Incubator company, will install two new solar thermal systems on Columbia homes. These solar thermal systems will produce hot water just like a hot water heater. However, the Sun’s light will be the energy source that produces heat, not electricity, or propane.   Andrew Epting, President of Palmetto Solar, is one of the emerging entrepreneurs who realized the versatility and reliability of tax credits makes solar energy a viable fiscal choice for all homeowners, business owners, government agencies, and manufacturers.  “I don’t have to try too hard to convince many of you that Columbia, South Carolina is “Famously Hot,” says Epting.  

 “Now that we have tax credits and incentives to buy these systems, I feel that many more people will not only look at putting a solar energy system on their home, but on the roof of their office or workplace,” Epting said.  In October, Congress passed the $700 billion Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008, and within that bill was a provision that extended the life of tax credits for another eight years.  Palmetto Solar assists its clients with the purchase, installation, and maintenance of solar photovoltaic and solar thermal systems.

A new client of the South Carolina Community Enterprise and Women’s Business Center, Epting is planning to use the Center’s services to ensure that he strategically positions his company with good business and financial planning.  The Center is location inside the USC-Columbia Technology Incubator, and offers business planning, resources, and consulting services to aspiring and existing entrepreneurs.

Installing a solar energy system on a home, office building or manufacturing plant protects you from the inevitable rise of utility costs. In South Carolina, a business can take a 25 percent tax credit for the total installation of a solar energy system, up to $3,500. Add an additional 30 percent from the federal government, with no maximum credit amount. Non-profit organizations and municipalities can also take advantage of a special loan program offered by the South Carolina Energy Office. The Energy Office administers a program called ConserFund, which lends 100 percent of the cost of a solar energy system between $25,000 and $100,000 at low interest rates.

For more information regarding solar thermal systems tax credits, and net metering programs, please contact Andrew Epting with Palmetto Solar at 803-545-4303, or [email protected].
Andrew Epting
Palmetto Solar
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