Entrepreneur Minute – Mario Brown, Affordable Upstate

June 11, 2024

The Who’s on the Move, Entrepreneur Minute is an interview in support of the undeniable impact that entrepreneurs have on our communities. We will be highlighting 20 entrepreneurs in each of our markets (Columbia, Greenville and Charleston) with a short video as well as a full audio version of the conversation on our WhosOnTheMove SC podcast. You will see a diverse group of entrepreneurs, including some incredible innovators from the non profit world.

We would like to thank our sponsors of this video series:


Mario Brown, Co-founder and Principal, Affordable Upstate

Mario Brown, a Greenville native and co-founder of Affordable Upstate, has been pivotal in reimagining affordable housing. Through N.O.A.H. Property Management, an Affordable Upstate initiative, Brown has launched groundbreaking economic mobility -focused programs that ease economic burdens and enhance accessibility. Among these, the “Flex Pay” Program stands out, allowing residents to align rent payments with their pay schedules. This program, together with Deposit Alternatives, Positive Credit Reporting, and effective tracking, underscores Brown’s dedication to empowering tenants and fostering economic mobility. His innovative approach not only uplifts the Greenville community but also sets a new benchmark for dignified and accessible housing solutions.

Mario serves as the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors for Homes of Hope and is a member of the Metropolitan Board of Directors for the YMCA of Greenville.