Europes First Business Networking Site Takes On US Based LinkedIn

August 15, 2008

Europe’s first business networking site is raising the stakes on all existing sites. American professional communication will never be the same.

Global business communication is about to be revolutionised with the launch of The UK based site presents American businesses and professionals with a limitless interactive and communicative business networking site.

By incorporating the current trend for social networking and the business sector Talkbiznow is sure to be a must have for every American business. It is the world’s only professional interactive networking site that has a shared online hard drive. Instantaneous connection allows businesses and professionals to be constantly pro-active

By having the online hard drive, the developments of the business world are instantly available, and can be taken advantage of.

The business world of America is set to spin a lot faster.

Going live on Monday 18th August, this is the time for all eyes to be on


As broken by Forbes:


Europe’s first business networking site goes live on Monday 18th August 2008. Whilst the rapid growth of online networking sites has now become big business, the business networking space, which many experts believe to be the largest and most lucrative, has only just started. It is thought that the business networking sector is 5 times bigger than the social networking market, and truly universal in its reach and need. Some believe it is the largest market of all on the Internet in the next 5 years.

The announcement comes hot on the heels of the record-breaking VC (venture capital) investment into LinkedIn, of US$53 million for a 5% share which values the professional relationships portal at an astounding US$1 billion. Currently there are over 1 billion people using the Internet today for business across the globe, this will rise to 3 billion by 2012.

Right now Talkbiznow represents the first global competition of LinkedIn. The interactivity and intuitive nature of the site will appeal to all American users, while the unlimited communicative capabilities of Talkbiznow will revolutionise the businesses of America.

Talkbiznow is the most user –friendly system available for business professionals. It is expected to become more than a contacts sharing site, a site that makes business professionals more productive with their network.  Users will have more efficient ways to communicate, but will also be able host a webinar, post an ad, have access to an online hard drive, which allows them to file share, and its calendars and blogs completely set it apart from anything currently available on the web.

Built to connect business professionals in real time, and help them to be more productive in their daily business lives, it is expected to develop a reputation as the “Facebook for business.” It is the only business networking site in the world which allows both professionals and business users to file share.

CEO and Co-founder Martin Warner says:

“Our vision was to introduce a new generation of business networking site – an intuitive and sophisticated platform with a business data architecture (data is only meaningful in a business environment) which allows for any business professional around the world to communicate with their contacts or their extended network.  Our key differentiator is that we provide smart tools to communicate with people, and also provide services that make people more productive in their daily business life.  There is a gap in the market for business professionals and companies to be able to come together to communicate and engage with a raft of different stakeholders in order to do business faster and more effectively using the web.”

How it works:

The simple sign-up process assists you to create an online identity within minutes. This includes information relating to your current job, previous positions, and general interests. Additionally, you can publish your own blog, or create and join specific community discussion groups.

Often, the key to using a business network successfully involves the connecting and signing up your business contacts. The registration process is one of the simplest methods of inviting and maintaining your business network.  Talkbiznow is a breeze to start with, immediately enabling you to gain access to your contacts, without having to laboriously enter emails to discover if associates are already there.
With your account set up and contacts entered (which can be imported for speed), a small but growing network of individuals can now easily search your personal network for relevant business contacts. This may be as simple as entering a name of an individual you’re seeking, or specifying a broad search for contacts within a specific industry. This ease of creating personal contacts and developing online business events makes the service much more efficient than the traditional (and often stilted) network mixer.  

Once online there are a variety of ways to communicate, including email, instant and group messaging, and even nudge (an ability to remind someone of a specific action ie Facebook equivalent of a poke), and many more.
President and Co-founder, Mark Parker says:

“Combining business networking and productivity tools is an essential ingredient of our daily working lives affecting every business professional, no matter which profession or industry they are operating in. The success of online social communities has shown that connecting across the web is becoming increasingly popular. However, networking for business reasons is not only the next logical step but in fact more necessary than social networking. Almost everyone has a business life. Talkbiznow has brought a completely new dimension and formalises the business networking space, in the way that social networking did when Facebook arrived on the scene. We are about ‘Making you more productive in your business network and it is completely FREE, even posting your own ads.”

CEO and Co-Founder, Martin Warner says:

“We expect several million users to join Talkbiznow in the next six months.  There are so many reasons that business professionals need an effective business network online, but we’re particularly excited about empowering users to advertise for free online as we believe this will change the way we think about online advertising forever…”

Talkbiznow is widely being regarded by experts as the next big success story to come from the internet, it taps into the fast moving world of busy executives and helps them to make quality connections with the people they really want to communicate with.

Warner adds:

“Talkbiznow is expected to create a significant paradigm shift in the way that business professionals and companies engage with each other in a global market place. Now that both big and small companies can brand and position themselves and have equal reach across the site, small companies will undergo a considerable level of empowerment as they reach out to bigger markets on limited budgets. “

Talkbiznow will serve many purposes starting from the business network itself (peer to peer), serving a variety of uses including, sales, general marketing, partnering, recruitment, job-hunting, knowledge exchange, and of course business development.

The site will be free to users and funded through advertising and sponsorship.

The founders of Talk
biznow are preparing to enter into a third round of investment which is expected to raise between $15-$25M.

For television and radio coverage Martin Warner, CEO and Co-Founder of Talkbiznow is available via ISDN and live interviews from San Francisco from 18th August onwards.