First Family Encourages Healthy Changes in Nutrition, Exercise and Tobacco Use

August 17, 2007

Columbia, S.C. – August 17, 2007 – The Healthy SC Challenge is the Sanford family’s effort to get all South Carolinians to do just a little more to live a healthier lifestyle. The tips are designed to encourage individuals and communities to live healthier lifestyles in three categories – nutrition, exercise and help to quit smoking. The tips can also be found on the challenge’s website,

Healthy Tips

It All Adds Up-Read the Label.
* The label information is based on a serving size of the food. This may be more or less than what you actually eat.
* Try not to eat foods with saturated fats, trans fats and partially hydrogenated oils, or foods that are high in cholesterol and sodium like fast foods, chips and other snack foods.
* Get LESS-If fat, sodium or cholesterol is less than 5% it is low, greater than 20% is too much.
* Get ENOUGH-If fiber, vitamins and minerals are less than 5% it is low, greater than 20% is high.

Physical Fitness                                                                                                                                                  

Walking to school is a missed opportunity. Roughly 10% of children nationwide walk to school regularly. Even among those kids living within a mile of their school, only 25% are regular walkers.  There are plenty of great reasons to walk to school – less traffic, safer streets, cleaner air – but one of the best is that children and parents will be healthier. With obesity rates skyrocketing and only one-quarter of American’s able to get the Surgeon General’s recommended daily dose of exercise (just 30 minutes), it’s an ideal time to encourage people to walk to school for their own health and well-being. To find a safe route, visit the National Center for Safe Routes at                                                                                                                                  

Research has shown using a quitting smoking medication, such as bupropion (Zyban), varenicline (Chantix), or the nicotine patch, gum, nasal spray, inhaler, or lozenge, can double your chances of successfully quitting. Bupropion is a non-nicotine, prescription medicine that helps reduce cravings. Varenicline is a drug that helps lessen nicotine withdrawal symptoms and lowers the pleasurable feelings people get when smoking. Using a nicotine replacement product can address uncomfortable physical withdrawal symptoms, giving you the chance to concentrate on changing the habit or routine of smoking. Talk to your doctor or health care provider about setting up a medicine strategy that will work for you.                

The Healthy SC Challenge is an outcome-based, cooperative effort aimed at encouraging individuals, communities and organizations across the state to show shared responsibility in developing innovative ways to improve the health of South Carolina’s citizens. For more information about the Healthy SC Challenge, please visit, or call 803-737-4772.