First Lady Announces Weekly Winner

November 16, 2007

Columbia, SC- November 16, 2007- Students from Riverside High School in Greenville County take the lead in week two of the Healthy SC School Video Contest. At noon today, voters determined Anyone Can Juggle as the weekly winner of the Healthy SC School Video Contest. 

Alex, Lauren and Kirby from Riverside High School in Greenville County submitted Anyone Can Juggle under the team name of MGM Productions.  Each of the students on the team will receive a fitness prize pack from Coca Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated- and will remain in the contest for a chance to win the monthly prize of $3,500 cash! 

Anyone Can Juggle is a self proclaimed ‘mind-boggling and rib-splitting’ video that uses camera tricks to show that living healthy might be perceived as a challenge, but that perception is merely an illusion.

Here is a look at the script: In a world where junk food rains down all over, it’s easy to develop poor eating habits.  But eating healthy isn’t hard.  Eating healthy isn’t luck.  And eating healthy isn’t magic.  It’s just a matter of perspective.  So turn your perspective upside down and win the Healthy Challenge by eating fruits and vegetables. And don’t forget to drink your water. 

The video concludes with funny outtakes titled Stop the Madness! that show a blooper reel of the making of Anyone Can Juggle.

The contest runs through January 31st, with video submissions accepted up until January 23, 2008. Each month, the video in the #1 spot will receive $3,500 cash and the runner up will receive $1,500.  Schools of the top two videos each month will also receive prizes. 

OurStage, the only purely democratic online competition where the fans decide who’s the best in emerging music, film and video, is hosting the contest on a special channel created solely for the Healthy SC School Video Contest.  OurStage’s unique judging engine ensures that each piece is judged fairly by the viewers-no rigging and no cheating.

To view and vote on Anyone Can Juggle and other videos that have already been posted visit

If you haven’t done so already, you will be prompted to create an OurStage profile.  You then have to go to your email account to confirm that this email is valid.  This only takes a minute.  Once you’ve done that, click on Judge at the top of the page to rank your favorite Healthy SC videos.

You can also link to this contest page at where you can access all the contest rules and where you can fill out an application to enter the contest.

Contest tip of the week: Upload your video within the next 7 days to have a shot at winning this month’s prize- $3,500 cash for winning video and $1,500 for runner up.  If you don’t place #1 or #2 this month, your video will roll over into the December and January competitions.  It’s best to upload your video early on to have more chances at winning some of the great weekly prizes!