First Lady Awards Winning Video/Wando High School

December 7, 2007

Columbia, SC- December 5, 2007- First Lady Jenny Sanford presented a cash award to November’s Healthy SC School Video Contest winner, Emma Hecker, today at Wando High School in Charleston County. 

Emma Hecker, a senior at Wando High School, created You Can Do It- a 45 second video that shows being healthy is as easy as 1,2,3..  Emma chose to receive her prize in cash as opposed to a savings bond.  She is planning to use a portion of the $3,500 to pay her monthly car insurance.  Emma’s second video is already in the works. She is working with classmates on this video and will submit it as part of a team.   Coca Cola Bottling Company Consolidated is giving Wando High School $1,000 worth of athletic equipment of its choice.  Subway is providing Mr. Aquino’s video production class with a catered lunch.  Emma is a student in this class.

Jesse Gavigan, a senior at the Beaufort-Jasper Academy for Career Excellence and a member of the Beaufort Boys and Girls Club Teen Center, created the runner-up video Santa.  Jesse received $1,500 and the Beaufort Boys and Girls Club Teen Center received a Wal-Mart gift certificate.

Sponsors of the Healthy SC School Video Contest include OurStage, Blue Cross Blue Shield of SC, Coca Cola Bottling Company Consolidated, Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease, Wal-Mart, Subway, Palmetto Project and DHEC. The contest runs through January 31st, with video submissions accepted up until January 23, 2008. Each month, the video in the #1 spot will receive $3,500 cash and the runner up will receive $1,500.  Schools of the top two videos each month will also receive prizes.  

OurStage, the only purely democratic online competition where the fans decide who’s the best in emerging music, film and video, is hosting the contest on a special channel created solely for the Healthy SC School Video Contest.  OurStage’s unique judging engine ensures that each piece is judged fairly by the viewers-no rigging and no cheating.

To view and judge You Can Do It and other Healthy SC videos visit   You can also link to this contest page at where you can access all the contest rules and where you can fill out an application to enter the contest. A copy of You Can Do It is attached and available for use.  The Santa file is too large to send in an email, but it is available for download at  Please post these on your websites, use in broadcasts or as PSAs. 





The Healthy SC Challenge is an outcome-based, cooperative effort aimed at encouraging individuals, communities and organizations across the state to show shared responsibility in developing innovative ways to improve the health of South Carolina’s citizens. For more information about the Healthy SC Challenge, please visit , or call 803-737-4772.