Former Waterloo Elementary Student Corissa Amariya Green Builds and Donates Gaga Pit to Benefit Current WES Students

February 9, 2024

Hickory Tavern School eighth-grade student Corissa Amariya Green exhibits remarkable kindness by building and donating a Gaga Pit to Waterloo Elementary School (WES). A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held on January 31, 2024, to formally open the Gaga Pit for use by WES 3rd-5th grade students. Among the attendees were Laurens County School District 55 (LCSD 55) Teaching & Learning Director Jennifer Abercrombie, WES Principal Kimberly Penland, and WES Coach & Administrative Assistant Suzanne Fay.

Corissa is a former student at WES. She remembers playing Gaga Ball in the gym and that she had lots of fun. She also learned that she is good at playing Gaga Ball. She said, “I thought of donating a Gaga Pit since it is a full-body workout, and I want other kids to learn about it.”

Corissa Amariya Green


“I promised to build and donate a Gaga Pit to WES two years ago. We didn’t have much to play in at WES when I was there, so even if I am at HTS now, I think WES needs the Gaga Pit more than HTS,” added Corissa.

Corissa shared that she was able to build the Gaga Pit through her fundraising activities with Girl Scout Troop 3277. The Gaga Pit serves as her Girl Scout Community Project. She studied plans and building methods before tackling the project.

Coach Suzanne Fay said, “We are very proud of Corissa Green and honored by her thoughtfulness and generosity to make our school part of her Girl Scout project.”

It is refreshing to see one of our young adults giving back to the community. I was fortunate to have been Corissa’s principal while at Waterloo Elementary. Her continued participation in Girl Scouts has proven her to be a thoughtful leader. She researched, developed, and executed a plan to provide a source of fun for the students to experience during recess. Many thanks for networking and giving back to the community!

LCSD 55 joins Mrs. Abercrombie and the WES Family in celebrating Corissa’s kindness.