Fountain Inn Police Department Earns Accreditation from the South Carolina Law Enforcement Accreditation Council

June 6, 2023

Fountain Inn, SC: The Fountain Inn Police Department proudly announces its recent achievement of accreditation from the esteemed South Carolina Law Enforcement Accreditation Council (SCLEA). This significant milestone recognizes the department’s commitment to maintaining the highest standards of professionalism, accountability, and excellence in law enforcement services.

The accreditation process is a rigorous evaluation that thoroughly examines an agency’s policies, procedures, and operations against nationally recognized standards. By successfully meeting the SCLEA’s stringent criteria, the Fountain Inn Police Department has demonstrated its unwavering dedication to ensuring public safety and upholding the principles of community-oriented policing.

Obtaining this accreditation serves as a testament to the hard work, dedication, and professionalism exhibited by the officers, staff, and leadership within the Fountain Inn Police Department. This achievement further solidifies its position as a leading law enforcement agency in South Carolina.

Chief of Police, Michael Hamilton, expressed his pride in the department’s accomplishment, stating, ” It is an awesome accomplishment for the entire department. It demonstrates the amazing dedication and commitment to excellence that the men and women of the Fountain Inn Police Department work toward each day serving the community.”

The accreditation process encompasses a comprehensive assessment of various aspects of the police department’s operations, including policy development, training programs, internal affairs procedures, evidence handling, and community relations. By successfully fulfilling these standards, the Fountain Inn Police Department demonstrates its adherence to best practices. It ensures the public’s trust in its ability to deliver effective and fair law enforcement services.

Mayor GP McLeer “As Fountain Inn continues to plan for its future. Public safety is of the utmost importance. By receiving state accreditation and maintaining it, our citizens can rest assured that our Police Department is ready for today and tomorrow. As part of the Council’s efforts to continue moving our Police Department to the next level, accreditation has been a top priority, and we are very proud of our officers and Chief Hamilton for their hard work on this effort.”

The Fountain Inn Police Department’s accreditation by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Accreditation Council is a significant accomplishment and a reflection of the department’s continuous pursuit of excellence. By maintaining this accreditation, the department reaffirms its commitment to fostering a safe and secure environment for the residents of Fountain Inn.

About the Fountain Inn Police Department: The Fountain Inn Police Department is committed to serving and protecting the citizens of Fountain Inn, South Carolina. Focusing on community-oriented policing, the department strives to build strong relationships with residents while maintaining the highest professional standards. The department works diligently to ensure public safety and enhance the quality of life for all community members.