Get to know Kevin Smith, Principal at C.E. Williams Middle School

December 8, 2015

Kevin Smith is the principal at C.E. Williams Middle School for Creative and Scientific Arts. Born and raised in West Ashley, South Carolina, this is Smith’s fourth year as principal at C.E. Williams. Originally an art teacher, he attributes his desire to go into education to a teacher that recognized the talent he had and encouraged him to pursue it. Coincidentally, that teacher taught at C.E. Williams, where Smith attended sixth through eighth grade.

Smith’s plan at C.E. Williams is simple: ensure every student that walks through his doors has the opportunity to discover what they are good at, and explore and develop those talents.

According to Denisse Stanbery, band teacher at C.E. Willaims, Mr. Smith is one of the most caring individuals she has ever worked for. “He cares about the kids, the parents, and the families that we serve. He cares about the teachers and wants the best for this program and building.” She also notes that Smith is supportive of all school programs, including afterschool activities, and attends nearly every school event and activity.

When not at school, Smith spends the majority of his time with his family, being “a cheerleader for his wife and children.” Unknown to many, he is a fan of the arts. He enjoys writing, poetry, and spoken word. Also a lover of photography, Smith says that whatever abilities a person has, they should not just use those gifts for themselves, but to gift them, and share them with others.

Eighth grade student Denise Luong describes Smith as having a positive energy and someone that is “really sweet and kind so you can be comfortable with him.”

Smith believes that every child is unique and that it is his responsibility to
help every student find their way. “Someone helped me find my way and I am very grateful for that team, my family, my teachers, and other supports I’ve had that helped me along the way,” Smith said.

Smith lives in North Charleston with his wife Niki and has two children, Caleb and Carsyn.

To find out more about Kevin Smith, watch the following short clip: