Glacier Computer Releases Linux Operating System for Everest Unit

July 8, 2008

New Milford, CT – July 7, 2008 –  Glacier Computer, a leading designer, developer, and supplier of rugged industrial PC-compatible devices, announces shipment of the Everest industrial computer with two options for the Linux operating system. 


Glacier will be offering customers in the warehouse, freight, distribution, and field service markets the Everest computer with Linux options from either IGel or Fedora.

The Everest is an all-in-one industrial computer commonly deployed into environments that are harsh due to extremes of temperature, vibration, shock, and / or moisture.  Installations are traditionally on forklifts, dock doors, manufacturing floors, and construction vehicles.  The Everest has a full screen color display and touchscreen making optimum use of the new Linux operating system

“Adding Linux to our operating system offerings expands the flexibility and application potential of our Everest unit,” states Don Berch, Sales Manager for Glacier Computer.  Linux can be installed once with fewer upgrade needs and the installation and management is completed in one action.  Overall software costs are lower versus Windows.  Browsers are available without limits including Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer. There are numerous back-up choices and preferences are set easily.  Customers can lock down actual users and software drivers are not required. 

The Everest is now offered with Linux, Windows XP Pro, and Embedded XP.   All units come with a variety of mounting bracket, power supply and keyboard options.  

About Glacier Computer  

Glacier Computer designs and develops versatile, rugged industrial computer systems for harsh environments in a variety of markets, including LTL crossdock, distribution, warehousing, manufacturing and more.  With its in-depth knowledge and experience in the industrial computing arena, Glacier takes pride in its ability to provide quality products and exceptional customer service to meet customers’ needs.  For more information about Glacier Computer’s Everest, GX-Series, Ridgeline Series or other products, please contact John Geary at (603) 882-1560 x. 212, email [email protected], or visit

For more information about Glacier Computer’s Everest Series, Ridgeline Series or other products, please contact John Geary at (603) 882-1560 x. 212, email [email protected], or visit