Greenville-based InvestiNet to launch Poe Mill Music to empower community youth through musical education

May 29, 2024

The company plans to convert an on-site space into a beacon of musical and other creative pursuits by the end of 2024.

InvestiNet, a full-service collections network, will launch Poe Mill Music, located within the company’s existing 5,300-square-foot warehouse space in Greenville’s Poe Mill neighborhood. Set to open in late 2024, Poe Mill Music will boast state-of-the-art equipment, a world-class mixing board and a bespoke studio design curated by renowned Nashville studio architect Steve Durr. Poe Mill Music will foster creativity and generosity within the local music scene while providing access to underserved and at-risk youth to musical instrument instruction, musical recording and live music production.

In collaboration with the Poe Mill Neighborhood Association, InvestiNet has partnered with several non-profits in the Greenville area, including Poe Mill Achievement CenterLEAD Collective and Griggs Church. Poe Mill Music will offer free access to the studio for these organizations to enhance their after-school programs, summer camps and mentoring initiatives with music-focused activities.

“It is exciting to welcome a development like Poe Mill Music that will add value and improve the quality of life for the existing homeowners and residents of the Poe Mill Community,” said Kwadjo Campbell, President of the Poe Mill Neighborhood Association.

Brice Smith, long-time drummer and CEO of InvestiNet added, “We are committed to serving as a resource for our community partners by providing them with a space where they can further enrich the lives of underserved youth. Whether it’s uncovering hidden talents, sparking new passions or simply providing a creative outlet, our goal is to provide positive experiences through the transformative power of music.”

In addition to supporting non-profits, InvestiNet is working to establish a musician co-op, inviting local musicians, composers and music production professionals to donate their time to teach musical instrument instruction, music recording and live music production to underserved youth. In exchange, these musicians will receive free studio or practice facility time. The studio space, which will also feature a podcast studio, will be available for rent on an hourly basis to local musicians and other creative professionals, including podcasters. There will also be live music venue space with indoor and outdoor capacity for community events, music festivals, and fundraisers.

InvestiNet has a history of community involvement, having previously partnered with Blank Canvas Mural Company, commissioning a mural for their office and inviting the members of the Poe Mill neighborhood to participate in its completion. InvestiNet plans to replicate these community-based initiatives with the launch of Poe Mill Music.

Said Smith, “The profound connection between music and academic success strengthens our vision for this space as more than just a music studio, but as a hub for community events, fundraisers, and music festivals, where community members can join together to learn and grow while celebrating the power of music.”

For more information about Poe Mill Music or to learn how to get involved, please visit or contact Jason Nodine at [email protected].


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