H.4375 passes the SC House of Representatives with a vote of 119 to 1

January 31, 2018

The SC House of Representatives voted to pass bill H.4375, the Utility Ratepayer Protection Package.

The purpose of the bill is to provide:

  • for the manner in which and procedures under which electricity rates for certain ratepayers who are paying additional charges under the base load review act for the construction of nuclear plants or projects shall be revised and determined, and
  • for procedures and provisions of law which apply and do not apply in regard to the adjustment of electricity rates

Here is a link to the bill.

The South Carolina House of Representatives consists of 124 part-time citizen legislators elected every two years to represent our state’s 124 separate single-member districts. The current House membership is made up of 79 Republicans and 44 Democrats with 1 vacancy. As outlined by our State’s Constitution, the General Assembly’s annual session begins on the second Tuesday in January and runs through the second Thursday in May.