Hira Industries’ Aerofoam USA establishing operations in Abbeville County

August 1, 2022

Aerofoam USA, a brand of the family-owned, international firm Hira Industries, announced plans to establish its United States headquarters and operations in Abbeville County. The company’s $11.5 million investment will create 50 new jobs.

Aerofoam USA produces high-quality, sustainable thermal insulation and AeroSound® acoustic solutions for residential, commercial and industrial buildings. The company specializes in closed-cell thermal insulation materials for condensation control in air conditioning, refrigeration and chilled water installations, as well as reducing thermal losses in heating and plumbing systems. With a firm commitment to sustainability, the products are free from dust, fibers and asbestos, and have zero ozone depletion impacts.

“After a careful selection of several locations, we have found our home in Abbeville, South Carolina. We feel confident that from Abbeville, we will be able to serve our diverse customer base in mainland USA, Latin America and Canada. We are also confident that we will be able to offer meaningful jobs to motivated individuals that come from in and around Abbeville. We are excited to become a dedicated part of the community, and we are thankful to South Carolina and Abbeville County for the support and opportunity,” Aerofoam USA President Alex Huis.

Located at 43 Commerce Drive in Abbeville, Aerofoam USA’s new facility is the company’s first operation in North America. The company will manufacture nytril buthene rubber (NBR) for thermal acoustic products utilized in HVAC-R systems, mechanical applications, transport, packaging and more – along with products used by original equipment manufacturers.

Operations are expected to be online by May 2023. Individuals interested in joining the Aerofoam USA team should visit the company’s contact page.

The Coordinating Council for Economic Development has approved job development credits related to this project. The council also approved a $600,000 Rural Infrastructure Fund grant to Abbeville County to assist with costs related to the project.