Homeless Installation – A design installation connecting our community to the homeless – Charleston, July 2016

July 6, 2016

Charleston residents have a history of uniting in a time of crisis. Homelessness is a crisis.

Caused by different circumstances, anyone can become homeless. Most do not understand the extent of the problem unless directly affected. It is an enormous crisis worldwide and, as the recent Charleston “Tent City” demonstrated, it is also a crisis in our community.

The “Tent City” beneath the Ravenel Bridge heightened our awareness of homelessness in Charleston. Now that it is gone, has the problem been solved? Not yet. There are local organizations helping the homeless that need our support.




The design installation by Meadors connects our community to those experiencing homelessness by raising awareness and linking the public with the organizations.  Through public participation, the City and the organizations will be bolstered by our community stepping up and being part of the spirit of Charleston to address this crisis.

Homelessness in Charleston is solvable.  There are approximately 430 people experiencing homelessness in the Tri-County area.  By coming together, we will create a permanent avenue to make homelessness temporary.

Please see the installation throughout Charleston and at the lawn at the Gaillard Center through the month of July, as well as the website to find an organization that you can help.  www.charlestonmeadorshomelessinstallation.com