Honoring the Spirit of Maddie: The 1st Annual Love Like Maddie Family Fun Day Fundraiser

March 30, 2024

A special event is set to unfold in Laurens, one that promises to celebrate love, joy, and the indomitable spirit of a little girl who left an everlasting mark on everyone she touched. The 1st Annual Love Like Maddie Family Fun Day Fundraiser, slated for Sunday, April 14th, is not just an ordinary gathering; it’s a tribute to Madison ‘Maddie’ Hines, a radiant soul whose life was tragically cut short, but whose legacy of love continues to shine brightly.

The story of Maddie is one of both immense joy and profound loss. October 8, 2023, forever marked a bittersweet moment for her family, as they celebrated milestones amidst tragedy. What started as a day of jubilation turned into an unimaginable nightmare when a car accident claimed Maddie’s life. Yet, amid the sorrow, her parents, Chris and Chelsey Hines, found solace in the memories of their vibrant daughter, whose love and laughter illuminated their lives.

“Maddie was pure joy,” recalls Chelsey Hines, Maddie’s mother. “She had this incredible capacity to love unconditionally, to light up a room with her infectious laughter and boundless energy. Her hugs were legendary—they could make even the hardest days feel bearable.”

Indeed, Maddie’s spirit lives on through the Love Like Maddie Foundation, a testament to her unwavering love for her family, her church, and her community. “We want to ensure that Maddie’s legacy endures,” says Chelsey. “Through the Love Like Maddie Foundation, we aim to spread her message of love, kindness, and faith, touching lives and hearts in our community and beyond.”

The Love Like Maddie Family Fun Day Fundraiser stands as a cornerstone of this mission—a day filled with laughter, joy, and camaraderie, echoing Maddie’s zest for life. The event will take place at Lake Rabon in Laurens and families are invited to immerse themselves in a time of fun and frolic, all for a noble cause.

“We’re thrilled about our upcoming event, and we hope you are too!” exclaims Chris Hines, Maddie’s father. “Wrist band participation is just $10, granting access to an afternoon of fun. And for those who want to enjoy lunch, hot dog plates will be available for just $5.”

“But that’s not all,” adds Chelsey. “Pelican’s Snoballs and Little Leaf Coffee will also be joining us, offering their delectable treats for those looking to indulge a little more.”

Yet, beyond the laughter and excitement lies a deeper purpose. The Love Like Maddie Foundation seeks to honor Maddie’s memory by providing scholarship opportunities for deserving individuals. From seniors pursuing higher education to church outreach programs, these scholarships embody Maddie’s spirit of love and kindness, ensuring her legacy continues to inspire generations to come.

“We want to ensure that Maddie’s light continues to shine bright,” affirms Chelsey. “Through the Love Like Maddie Scholarship and our commitment to sponsoring mission trips and faith-based activities, we aim to nurture the seeds of love and faith that Maddie held dear.”

The community is invited to come out to Lake Rabon on Sunday, April 14th from 11:30 am – 3:30 pm, as friends and family celebrate the life and legacy of Madison ‘Maddie’ Hines—a beacon of love and light in a world that left us all to early.

For more information about the Love Like Maddie Foundation and how you can contribute click HERE to go to the website.