How to Show Appreciation

January 24, 2023

By Jerry Bellune

All of us feel good about being appreciated for what we do at work, home or anywhere else.

Jacob Coite knows this. He is an appreciator. He sent more than 2,700 compliments to his coworkers last year and says he’s just getting started.

Coite works in Northborough, Mass., as a scheduler for a window and door installer. He prides himself on finding creative ways to compliment his colleagues.

“If this company was a California roll, you’d be the seaweed that holds the whole thing together,” he wrote to a customer.

To a company service rep, he wrote: “Your empathy is like KoolAid, the way it adds flavor to a boring call.”

What’s going on here?

In an age of high turnover and remote work, companies have tried ukulele classes, staff talent shows and other ways to keep workers connected. Now many are trying to get their employees to praise each other or praise each other more. Some companies offer monthly allotments of points that colleagues give each other to show their appreciation, redeemable for gift cards and other perks, such as lunch with the boss. Others have online channels where colleagues can share thanks and compliment their colleagues.

For Jacob Coite’s efforts, his company recently awarded him a trophy emblazoned with his name, noting the 2,745 praises he sent for being the top cheerleader. He keeps it displayed on his desk. It keeps him motivated, he says.

The compliments must be genuine. Anything else will erode their value.

When did you last say thanks to an employee or colleague?

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