Ignite Digital Services cements Databricks partnership

March 19, 2024

Operational consulting company Ignite Digital Services continues strengthening its data management expertise by partnering with data and AI company, Databricks. By joining the Databricks partner program, Ignite Digital is better positioned to offer innovative and comprehensive data solutions at scale.

“Databricks offers a critical platform that helps bring about a data-forward enterprise,” shares Marc Murphy, president of Ignite Digital. “We can build client solutions with data, analytics and AI working together to enhance the user experience within one unified platform – the data lakehouse.”

Databricks’ Data Intelligence Platform helps organizations unify teams for all data-driven use cases. From streaming analytics and AI to business intelligence (BI), Databricks provides a modern lakehouse architecture that brings data engineering, data science, machine learning and analytics to a single collaborative, cloud-based platform. This architecture – comprising data lakes and data warehouses – prioritizes a highly adaptable and collaborative data environment where data scientists, engineers, and business analysts can work together seamlessly.

“Databricks is highly adaptable and delivers a comprehensive data and AI platform,” adds Murphy. “Positioning our consulting expertise, our industry knowledge and our digital capabilities with a platform partner like Databricks results in tailored data solutions that serve our clients well.”


About Ignite Digital Services

Ignite Digital Services harnesses the power of digital technology and effective business solutions to ignite digital transformations for the national security industry. With a keen focus on purposeful results and innovative capabilities, the company offers unparalleled value that supports mission-critical initiatives. Learn more about Ignite Digital Services at ignite-digital.com.