Ignite Digital Services enters partnership with Archer Integrated Risk Management

June 28, 2023

CHARLESTON, SC – Ignite Digital Services, an operational consulting company serving the national security sector, has entered Archer Integrated Risk Management’s (IRM) Aligned Market Program (AMP) as a Partner. A robust software platform, Archer IRM helps organizations assess and manage risk in the digital era with a suite of sophisticated governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) tools. As an AMP Partner, Ignite Digital Services uses Archer’s leading IRM solutions to bring new, innovative products and service offerings to its clients.

“Increasingly, we are seeing the need for integrated risk management and GRC solutions, so our clients can make on-demand decisions with confidence,” Marc Murphy, CEO of Ignite Digital Services, shared. “At Ignite Digital Services, we seek out best-in-class partners that will complement our work to unlock digital transformations.”

Archer’s GRC solution supports the evolution of the Department of Defense’s (DoD) Risk Management and Internal Controls (RMIC) program as it transitions to a centralized relational database for managing authoritative guidance, controls, risks and deficiencies. By standardizing data tracking, national security organizations can increase transparency, strengthen stakeholder accountability and facilitate cross-functional collaboration while simultaneously creating reliable and timely reports that can be leveraged for real-time decision making.

In addition to valuable insights reporting, Archer’s software platform excels in overall user capabilities. Whereas most similar tools require system developers for the life of the software, Archer’s software tools can be learned and deployed by outside organizations and partners. Ignite Digital Services can help maximize cost and implementation effectiveness with dedicated Archer support through its AMP Partner status. Ignite Digital Services draws on two Archer certifications – Certified Administrator–Specialist and Archer Certified Associate – to develop platform architecture and maintain customized solutions for its clients. With the AMP Partner designation, Ignite Digital Services’ audit and compliance teams have additional training and services available, which can be used to educate and empower clients to take an active role in managing their GRC systems.

“Ignite Digital Services stands ready to help critical national security organizations mitigate risks, protect assets, measure reputation, assess performance, and meet strategic compliance and audit objectives with our innovative approach to GRC solutions, added Murphy. “We’re pleased our Archer IRM Partner status is yet another tool we can use to serve our client base.”

To learn more about Ignite Digital Services’ capabilities in digital consulting and GRC, visit the company’s website.


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