Infinity Marketing celebrates 30 years in business

December 10, 2023

Infinity Marketing, an award-winning integrated marketing agency established in 1993, is turning 30 this fall, and no one is prouder than Tony Williams, who has taken the occasion as an opportunity to step away from daily involvement and hand the reins to Infinity’s Bo Rogers, the company’s new president. Williams will be transitioning into a role as a close, strategic advisor to Rogers and other members of the agency’s senior leadership team.

“I’m very honored to be entrusted with this position,” said Rogers. “The team and I are excited to continue building on the legacy Tony established 30 years ago while expanding Infinity’s capabilities and services to deliver exceptional results for our clients in new ways.”

“It’s been my honor to watch Bo grow into the leader he is today,” said Williams. “I’m incredibly proud of how far his career has taken him and grateful for the impact he’s had on me and our team since he joined the agency thirteen years ago. Ever since, he’s shown himself to be a committed student of self- and professional development. His investment of time and efforts have shaped him into the leader Infinity needs going and growing forward.

“My decision to promote Bo to lead the company carries with it the opportunity for me to have a more strategic role,” Williams expanded. “I could never retire or leave Infinity, so I look at my own next chapter as being the best of both worlds: continuing to contribute purposefully with a team that’s like family to me and exploring new ways I can make a difference in other areas of my life. This is the most exhilarating moment of my career, and I couldn’t be more grateful.”

An Upstate native, Bo Rogers grew up in Spartanburg County, graduated from Dorman High School and then, in 2009 during the Great Recession, completed his studies at University of So. Carolina – Upstate. Undeterred by the recession’s impact on the job market, Rogers benefited from his experiences working in a fulfillment warehouse, in retail, and in hospitality, before entering the marketing industry. After six months working for The Spinx Co., he interviewed with Tony Williams in 2011 and joined Infinity’s team as a media specialist.

“At 25 years old, Bo had a special energy, and we had an instant chemistry, when I interviewed him,” Williams recalled. “Suffice it to say, it wasn’t a long conversation. I hired him on the spot.”

Rogers’ gregarious personality and love of learning coupled with years of mentoring under Williams and the agency’s executive vice president, Tim Morrison, propelled him upward within Infinity’s promote-from-within culture. At age 37, Rogers now leads the company as president.

“It’s uncommon for someone in their 20s to stay with the same company after two or three years, much less their whole career, but Infinity’s pouring into me personally and professionally as well as the fun and fulfillment I shared with my teammates and clients – what I now recognize as hallmarks of the culture here – has kept me enriched with a drive to serve in greater and greater ways since day one,” Rogers shared.

If Rogers is the architect of Infinity Marketing’s future, it is Tony Williams who has laid the cornerstone and built the foundation. As one of seven children, Greenville native Tony Williams came from humble beginnings, going to St. Mary’s Catholic School on a financial hardship scholarship and graduating from Wade Hampton High School. He bypassed formal post-graduate education and instead enrolled in the Army, a life-changing experience that taught him to live up to his potential by harnessing his inner drive.

“After coming out of the Army, I think, subconsciously, I never heard no again, and instead believed everything to be a yes,” Williams noted.”

In the 1980s, despite having no experience, Williams aced his first job interview and began serving as a bellhop at Greenville’s new Hyatt Regency. The Hyatt’s hiring philosophy of weighting a person’s potential more than their resume stuck with him. With supportive-turned-lifelong friendships he developed that time, before long, Williams was promoted in his day job and started buying media for folks on the side. He soon made his way into sales for local radio stations, first WFBC followed by WYMI. His years in radio were formative and cemented his career path. Through stutters, stops, and restarts, he persevered and, in 1993, Williams put a stake in the ground and established Infinity Marketing.

In the 30 years that have followed, Infinity Marketing has grown to a team of 75 professionals with more than 125 certifications who have served a diversified portfolio of clients with an array of integrative services, resulting in work that has earned the agency 180 awards to date. In 2016, the American Advertising Federation selected Tony Williams, who has never been an AAF member, to receive its most prestigious and coveted honor, the Silver Medal Award, recognizing his lifelong contribution to the industry.

Through the valleys of recessions, personal challenges, and the pandemic, Williams always chose to see and pursue the yesses. As a result, Infinity has expanded through times and troubles that would have caused most other companies to fold. Each year beginning in 2020, two separate organizations have named the company as one of best places to work in S.C.

In the last two years, he has worked closely with Bo Rogers to ensure that the good work of Infinity only gets greater as he taps Rogers to step into what has always been, up to this point, his own role as the agency’s leader. Williams will continue to support the agency’s evolution in new, more strategic ways in the years ahead.

“I feel very comfortable scaling down my day-to-day involvement,” Williams said. “All is in good hands. I have other callings to step into and much more to explore and discover, and I feel safe and secure to do that because Infinity will always be the home, the family, I can return to.”

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