Introducing the South Carolina Highway Patrol’s 2024 Ford Mustang

June 19, 2024

The South Carolina Highway Patrol has unveiled its latest addition to the fleet: the 2024 Ford Mustang. This sleek and powerful vehicle is set to patrol the roads of the Palmetto State, ensuring safety and enforcing traffic laws with a new level of efficiency and visibility.

The Mustang featured in the photo will be a familiar sight in Berkeley and Charleston counties as it has been assigned to Troop 6.

Over the next few months, South Carolinians can expect to see more of these iconic coupes on the road. The Highway Patrol is rolling out additional units across the state, expanding their presence and capabilities. The Mustang’s speed and handling make it an ideal choice for a variety of traffic enforcement scenarios, from high-speed pursuits to routine patrols.

Residents and visitors alike are encouraged to stay alert and drive safely.