External Information Systems Engineer I

January 18, 2023

External Information Systems Engineer I
University of South Carolina Upstate
Spartanburg, SC

The purpose of the External Information Systems Engineer I is to design, execute, and manage the external university information systems, which are customized transactional systems to collect, control, secure, process, store, and transfer university data. Design new data feeds to integrate university information systems with external enterprise systems. External data feeds are designed within the scope of Division of Information Technology’s foundational principles which are security, automation, cloud-first, and intuitive for end-users. Leads systems design team by developing talent in junior team members through guided learning environments and through development of software solutions for university information systems. Serves as the senior data analyst for external data operations. Provides project management oversight for onboarding external systems integrations. Leads team to provide ongoing support, post-go-live, for external information systems integrations through planning, designing, executing, and documentation of system upgrades, changes, remediations, and deprecations.

  • Leads a team of FTE, temporary, and student employees through advanced technical training of IBM Cognos, MS SSIS, MS Access Database, and other data management solutions. Provides technical and professional coaching and administration to correct or enhance performance. Provides supervision and coaching to employees to meet project deadlines, becoming self-initiators, developing employee persistence and grit. Develops employee talent and experience through teaching systems development lifecycle procedures, best practices in project management, resource management, development of multiple potential solutions, production of project documentation, and on-going maintenance of developed solutions. Provides council for maintaining proper data security, privacy, and proper usage. Performs employee performance reporting and issue mitigation.
  • The engineer assesses needs, develop plans, executes, and manages the creation of enterprise information integration systems with external partners of information systems such as Anthology, StarRez, StarFish, Raiser’s Edge, AcademicWorks, Point & Click, DSE Rec Center, Slate, EAB, and more. The engineer will create enterprise integration tools in Cognos Operational Data System, MS SQL Service Integration Services, MS SQL Management Server Studio, MS Access, and other information management tools. The engineer designs automated and secure information workflows to extract data from source systems, transforms data as needed, and then loads modified data into another information system. The engineer serves as the advanced support person when USC Columbia information systems needs to interface with an external partner of USC Upstate through the Student Systems Development Team.
  • The engineer assesses needs, develop plans, executes, and manages the redesign of legacy data integration systems to modernize antiquated systems across most business units of the university. The engineer develops a plan to modernize the solution by using modern authoritative data sources and creating solutions that are secure, automated, cloud-first, and intuitive. Use project management to control and plan the redesign of legacy information systems. The engineer creates detailed specification documentations of newly designed solutions, including details of workflows and standard operating procedure (SOP) for redesigned solutions. Engineer manages the work to sunset the legacy system and securely dispose of unneeded data.
  • Engineer manages enterprise projects to integrate university data into external information systems. The engineer serves as project manager to provide leadership for the work needed to create an information systems interface and lead teams comprised of IT, non-IT, and external solution employees. The engineer works to keep projects in scope, control change-management, and risk-management. Communicates project information to team members in a consistent and insightful manner. Vets the quality of work of team member’s deliverables. Manages multiple projects at a time while ensuring all projects meet the project goals and constraints.
  • Generate technically advanced operational reports and datasets for business functions. The engineer designs and creates logistical queries to transform data to operationalize information. Evaluates complex data solution projects and determine for logical data flows.
  • Fulfill other duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications:
Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology Systems or related field and 2 years experience in computer systems development and modifications; or equivalency. Successful background check is required.

Preferred Qualifications:
Two years of experience related to database report writing. Knowledge with statistical techniques and research methodology. Report authoring w/ IBM Cognos. Basic to moderate knowledge of structured query language (SQL) and stored procedures. Experience in designing and maintaining data dashboards and/or data visualization tools

For more information and/or to apply, go to https://uscjobs.sc.edu/postings/138061

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