JOBSCOPE Version 10.1 Delivers Feature–rich Benefits

September 24, 2008

Job Costing and Performance Reporting Highlight ERP System

GREENVILLE, SC –  September 23, 2008 –  Jobscope, Inc., which delivers a comprehensive ERP solution for order-driven companies, announces the availability of version 10.1 for their JOBSCOPE® software application.  In response to customer input and an identified mid-market need for enhanced job costing and performance reporting, JOBSCOPE Enterprise version 10.1 boasts of numerous feature-rich benefits.  The release includes a newly developed KPI dashboard, field services tracking functionality, a new data dictionary and an improved estimating module.  JOBSCOPE version 10.1 is currently available for new clients and for existing customers who are upgrading to the new release.

Feature highlights of the new version include: 

KPI Dashboard – executives and departmental managers now have instant graphical indicator views of the health of their business presented in a KPI dashboard with drill-down options for detailed reporting.     

Order Analysis – built on the job costing features in JOBSCOPE, the order analysis functionality allows for exporting, sorting, and grouping detail job oriented data.  Users are able to create quick reports of data critical to their business operations within this module.  It opens up analysis tools to all tables in the database with the same exporting, sorting, and grouping of the details for all areas of the business. 

Field Services – to meet the needs of manufacturers who are installing and servicing equipment in the field, a field services module was developed.  Material, labor and expense transactions are captured while leveraging the job-costing benefits of JOBSCOPE to provide a total picture of all field activities. 

Data Dictionary – a new data dictionary has been added to JOBSCOPE as a tool to help report writers and the Jobscope IT staffs at customer sites.  It lists properties of tables, has a mapping of which processes update the tables, and gives a well thought out presentation of how data flows through JOBSCOPE. 

Estimating Module – this existing estimating module has been revamped to reflect an updated set of tools that estimators in project-based manufacturing environments need with an ability to estimate based on labor and material requirements from special needs without corrupting standard Engineering BOM data.

“Order-driven companies are under tremendous pressure to maintain cost control while achieving profitability,” says Hank Sanders, president of Jobscope.  “Being able to consistently deliver custom products on time and according to client specifications is an on-going challenge for them.  The new version of JOBSCOPE effectively addresses these issues with improved features and newly developed functionality designed to deliver a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) for specialized manufacturers.  Having a fully integrated ERP solution that helps them control and manage all aspects of production costs is key to protecting profit margins and giving them a competitive advantage.  We’re pleased that JOBSCOPE is considered as the right tool for that need.”    

About Jobscope

Located in Greenville, South Carolina (US), Jobscope delivers a comprehensive ERP solution for engineer-to-order (ETO) and make-to-order (MTO) manufacturers; and maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) businesses.  For over 25 years, customers using JOBSCOPE® have improved on-time deliveries, materials management and inventories, data integrity, cost control, job reporting and communications between management, operations and finance.

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