John Brunty Coaching offering Sober Curious Workshops for those wanting to quit drinking or cut back on their consumption

November 28, 2023

Have you ever thought your alcohol consumption may be a problem and you might need to stop? Or have you ever thought you may need to cut back on drinking? To help people take a closer look at their drinking habits, John Brunty Coaching will offer its first month-long Sober Curious Workshop for those people who wish to quit drinking or learn how to cut back on their alcohol consumption and drink more mindfully. Through expert coaching, understanding the psychology of why we drink, and education on how alcohol can affect our long-term health, the Sober Curious Workshops will be conducted in a series of weekly meetings during January 2024. Led by recovery coach and addictions specialist John Brunty, the workshops will also feature weekly goal-setting discussions by nutrition and mental health experts who will speak on the neuroscience behind drinking, a mixologist to teach participants how to make alcohol-free mocktails, along with coaching and peer support to help meet everyone’s objectives.

“Our Sober Curious Workshops are designed for someone who has thought about their drinking habits, and either wants to find alternatives to alcohol, ways to drink more mindfully, or simply stop altogether,” said John Brunty. “Many people participate in ‘dry January’ routines, but our classes offer something more – a way to discover if alcohol may be a bigger problem than some people realize and a safe, non-judgmental way to examine your consumption.”

Brunty said that regardless of someone’s end goal, the Sober Curious Workshops offers a chance to increase self-awareness around an activity many people do daily and an opportunity to be in public, around people, and have fun without drinking.

“Not everyone needs abstinence forever,” said Brunty. “But our four-week workshops offer a place to go where participants can see what role alcohol does play in their lives and why.”

The first Sober Curious Workshop will have a live Zoom kick-off orientation on January 1 before in-person meetings begin at Crave Market, 2843 Millwood Avenue, 6-7:30 pm on Thursday evenings. The workshop size is limited, and the participation cost is $99 per person. For more information, visit or call John Brunty Coaching at 843-371-0195 to reserve your spot.


About John Brunty Coaching

John Brunty Coaching supports people battling addiction to alcohol, drugs, and compulsive spending, to aid those facing mental health challenges and life’s everyday obstacles. As a Sober Companion and Recovery Coach, Brunty’s commitment extends from adolescents to adults, and counts his sobriety date as September 30, 2003.