Kenneth Shuler, Kenneth Shuler Schools of Cosmetology

February 17, 2015

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Entrepreneur.  Giving Back.  Each year, The Central Carolina Community Foundation recognizes the 2014 Best of Philanthropy Awards, a celebration of individuals, businesses and groups who have made significant contributions to the community.

Each year, winners are chosen in four categories: individual/ family, group, student/student group and local business. The Community Foundation presents the winners at its Annual Celebration and awards a $1,000 grant to each winner’s charity of choice.

This year’s winner in the Local Business Champion was Kenneth Shuler. Each year, hundreds of individuals are trained at Kenneth Shuler’s seven cosmetology schools across the state of South Carolina, many of whom are recipients of scholarships created by Kenneth to help lighten the load of tuition.

In addition to empowering individuals to achieve their dream of being a cosmetologist, Kenneth Shuler impacts the community through engaging his employees and students to give back as well. Each year, all seven schools fundraise for local charities by holding back- to- school supply drives, adopting local families during the holidays, donating wigs to local hospitals, and hosting free haircut days for the homeless, expanding their philanthropic reach even further.


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