Kids First Podcast – A conversation about the future of education with Chris Neeley, Superintendent of the SCPCSD and Ian Rowe, senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute

December 1, 2022

Today the South Carolina Public Charter School District continues to bring you great weekly content for our Kids First Podcast where we talk to educators, school leaders, policymakers, and charter school acolytes about their stories.

Our guest this week, Ian Rowe shares his story about how character-based learning is changing lives around New York City by providing opportunities for low-income students who often do not have access or opportunity elsewhere. This week’s Podcast is exceptional. Tune in on Thursdays or subscribe now to get notified each time we have a new episode. We have some incredible guests lined up this month, including South Carolina Lt. Governor Pamela Evette and South Carolina Superintendent of Education Molly Spearman. Subscribe today on your favorite platform.