Lander Art Students Exhibit Work During Annual Art Walk

April 14, 2024

Thursday evening marked an important moment for Lander University art students.

Students, families and friends gathered in Uptown Greenwood for the annual Art Walk, which showcased art and photography by Lander students across multiple locations.

“It’s just really exciting, this is our big thing all the art department looks forward to,” said Georgia Ricard, a senior 2D fine arts student from Saluda.

“It really is our first solo exhibit and we look forward to it and we try to make our best work and put our heart and soul into it.”

She said her show is a reflection of self, with each piece representing a different emotion or characteristic of herself.

Colby Burdette, a 2D fine arts student from Ware Shoals, exhibited abstract artwork. Each piece was paired with and inspired by a song.

So I would listen to the song on repeat, nonstop and make all of my decisions based on the feelings and emotions that surfaced when I was listening to the music and I used mostly my hands,” he said.  

“Probably 90% of the work I do is based with only my hands and it allows for me to really get connected with my piece and it’s a sensory experience allowing for people to touch the work.”

Burdette is also one of the students with photography from a class trip to Montana being displayed at 140 Maxwell Ave. He said the trip was “the trip of all trips.”

“The connection that I felt with my classmates and then with the earth and with my inner self on that trip was more than I’ve ever experienced here and it’s somewhere that I think everybody needs to go,” he said.

Ricard said the people in the Art Department are very close.

“We really do have a good time, we all look forward to shows and we all come to support each other, so it’s really one big family and that’s probably the best part,” she said.

Lander’s senior art students’ work will remain on display at the Arts Center of Greenwood through April 18. Learn more about the Art Department at