Lander honors corporate partners for commitment to workforce education

March 14, 2024

Lander University’s College of Graduate and Online Studies recognized the contributions of 20 corporate partners whose commitment to workforce education is strengthening the state’s economy and helping workers achieve their educational goals.

During a Partnership Celebration at Lander, representatives from businesses, industries and state agencies learned about the classes and programs that the University provides to undergraduate and graduate students throughout the state and around the nation.

“Businesses and industries with locations in states outside South Carolina can offer tuition incentives for online degree programs for their employees, just as they do for in-state students,” said Dr. Lloyd Willis, dean of the College of Graduate Studies.

“We have a team of people to serve transfer, online and working students,” he said, noting that faculty and advisers often work beyond normal business hours to meet the academic needs of working adults. “We know that an employee whose shift ends at six o’clock may need a phone call at seven. We are here when you need us.”

Willis said the increase in enrollment in online degree programs for undergraduate and master’s degree students underscores the need for accessible education beyond the traditional classroom. To better understand the educational needs of working adults, “we have been on the road talking to employees,” he said, citing his appreciation for the companies that are developing a skilled workforce through tuition incentives to offset the costs of higher education.

“Your involvement with Lander makes our product better, and it makes Lander stronger,” he said.

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