Lander University’s Linus Jonsson sees every day as an opportunity to learn something new

February 16, 2022

When deciding on which college he wanted to attend, Lander University sophomore Linus Jonsson said he decided to go to Lander because of the opportunity to earn his bachelor’s degree in business administration alongside doing what he loves most: playing golf.

Jonsson was named the Peach Belt Conference’s Freshman of the Year in 2021, as well as to the conference’s all-tournament team and the PING Division II Southeast All-Region Team. His success on the golf course compliments his success in the classroom because it gives him hands-on experience working as part of a team. While he has his eyes on a career as a pro, of greater importance to Jonsson is “finding a workplace where I feel I can be an important part of a group but also make differences together with the people in that group.”

Jonsson is an international student from Skanninge, Sweden, a small town of about 3,500 residents. One of the things he loves most about studying at Lander is that it gives him daily practice speaking English. “I was afraid that the English would be a greater obstacle than it actually is,” said Jonsson. “Of course, I am not perfect with my English, but I learn more and more every day.”

The level of personal attention that Lander students receive from faculty and staff is also important to Jonsson, and is something he saw firsthand his freshman year. Prior to arriving at Lander, Jonsson sustained a back injury. “It was pretty bad, and I had not played golf for the whole summer because of the pain,” he said.

But it was that experience that led him to meet Adam Weyer, assistant athletics director for sports medicine, who worked closely with Jonsson during his recovery. “He fixed my back during that first semester and now I can play again,” Jonsson said. “I really appreciate the work he does for student athletes, and the personal attention he gave me.”

Weyer said he admired Jonsson’s positive attitude and motivation, which are attributes Weyer believes will serve Jonsson well as a Lander student and beyond. “He attacked his rehab much like he attacks school,” said Weyer. “He is going to give 100 percent at everything he does and that is going to make him successful in whatever he does. I look forward to seeing where his work ethic and attitude take him.”

When asked to describe his first few semesters at Lander University, Jonsson likened them to a roller-coaster. Living and studying in a new country, especially amid the COVID-19 pandemic, have taken some time getting used to. But even that reality is a highlight for Jonsson, who noted that every challenge is an opportunity to learn.

“I am still learning new things every day,” he said.