Langston Baptist Church Hosts Two-Night Symposium: “Examining Calvinism”

May 29, 2024

Langston Baptist Church in Clinton is set to host a thought-provoking symposium titled “Examining Calvinism.” This two-night event will be held on Monday and Tuesday, June 17-18, starting at 6:30 PM each evening. Light refreshments will be provided following the sessions.

The symposium aims to delve into the theological framework of Calvinism, examining its principles and implications against the Bible. A formal question and answer session is scheduled at the end of the second night’s session, allowing participants to engage directly with the topic and seek clarification on any points of interest.

Gregory Rankin, pastor of Langston Baptist Church, encourages everyone to mark their calendars, bring questions, and make plans to attend. “This symposium is a chance for our community to gain a deeper understanding of God and the Bible,” Rankin said. “We welcome all to join us for this enlightening discussion.”

Langston Baptist Church is located at 1474 Langston Road in Clinton, SC. For more information, you may contact Pastor Gregory Rankin at 864-414-8945.

See you there!