Laurens County Chamber of Commerce President Graduates from S.C. Economic Development Institute

November 28, 2023

Amanda Munyan, President and CEO of the Laurens County Chamber of Commerce, recently completed the prestigious South Carolina Economic Development Institute (The Institute), marking a milestone in her commitment to fostering economic growth and development.

The S.C. Economic Development Institute, now in its thirty-third year, is a collaborative initiative between the South Carolina Department of Commerce (SC Commerce) and the South Carolina Economic Developers’ Association (SCEDA). This comprehensive training program is designed to equip professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to actively contribute to economic development activities within their respective communities.

“The S.C. Economic Development Institute has been an invaluable experience, providing me with a deep understanding of the intricacies of economic development and offering innovative approaches to address the unique challenges faced by our community,” remarked Munyan.

The Institute focuses on imparting practical insights and innovative approaches to economic development, providing participants with a strategic toolkit to address the unique challenges and opportunities within their localities. Attendees gain a deep understanding of economic development principles, strategies, and best practices, fostering a network of informed leaders dedicated to driving positive change.

Munyan’s successful completion of the program underscores her commitment to elevating the economic landscape of Laurens County. As the head of the Chamber of Commerce, Munyan plays a pivotal role in shaping the region’s economic future. The knowledge gained from the Institute will undoubtedly enhance her ability to implement effective economic development initiatives, fostering growth and prosperity for businesses and residents alike.

This achievement wouldn’t have been possible without the support of Laurens CPW, who sponsored Munyan’s participation and professional development.