Laurens County Disabilities & Special Needs Board Continues Efforts to Support First Responders

May 8, 2024

In a dedicated effort to bolster community safety and inclusivity, the Laurens County Disabilities & Special Needs (LCDSN) Board remains steadfast in its mission to equip local first responders with essential skills and resources. Under the leadership of Beth Wilson and Jason Tavenner, the LCDSN Board has provided specialized training and Carter Kits Sensory Bags to the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office, the Laurens Police Department, and most recently, the City of Clinton Police and Clinton Fire.

The initiative is simple but powerful, designed to enhance the capacity of emergency personnel to respond compassionately and effectively to individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other sensory-related disorders during crisis situations.

The training sessions facilitated by Wilson and Tavenner have empowered law enforcement and fire department personnel with valuable insights and strategies for interacting sensitively with individuals who have sensory sensitivities. By integrating Carter Kits Sensory Bags into their vehicles, responders are better prepared to provide immediate support and comfort when responding to emergencies involving individuals with ASD or sensory-related challenges.

The Laurens County community applauds the LCDSN Board, Beth Wilson, and Jason Tavenner for their unwavering commitment to enhancing the capabilities of local first responders and for their provision of essential training and resources.

Through continued partnerships and proactive measures, the Laurens County Disabilities & Special Needs Board continues to lead the way in ensuring that all community members, including those with disabilities, receive the support and understanding they deserve during times of crisis.

Well done Laurens County Disabilities & Special Needs Board and team, well done!