Laurens County Sheriff’s Office Receives Environmental Impact Award

July 1, 2024

The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) has been honored with the Environmental Impact Award by the Laurens County Prevention Coalition. This recognition celebrates the LCSO’s significant efforts in administering Narcan, initiating prescription drug take-back programs, and reporting opioid arrest data.

Sergeant Patterson recently organized a highly successful Drug Take Back Day, offering a secure and convenient way for community members to dispose of unused or expired medications. The event is part of a broader initiative by the LCSO to combat the opioid crisis and ensure the safe disposal of drugs. Additionally, the LCSO provides a year-round receptacle for drug disposal, ensuring that residents always have a secure location to discard medications responsibly.

Courtney Snow, Communications Officer for the LCSO, expressed pride in the recognition, stating, “We are proud of this recognition and remain steadfast in our mission to protect and serve our community. Our investigators and deputies combat the opioid crisis daily and work hard to tackle the issue. Thank you to the Laurens County Prevention Coalition for this honor and to our dedicated team for their hard work and commitment to making a difference.”

The LCSO’s commitment to addressing the opioid crisis has been a key factor in earning this award. Their efforts in Narcan administration have saved lives, while the prescription drug take-back initiative has helped reduce the risk of drug misuse and environmental contamination. Reporting opioid arrest data has also contributed to a better understanding of the local impact of the opioid epidemic.

The Environmental Impact Award highlights the LCSO’s dedication to creating a safer and healthier environment for the community. By working together with the Laurens County Prevention Coalition and other local organizations, the LCSO continues to make strides in addressing the challenges posed by opioid misuse and ensuring the well-being of Laurens County residents.

Together, we can create a safer, healthier environment for all.