Laurens Police Address Auto Break-Ins in Recent Community Meeting

February 12, 2024

In response to a recent surge in auto break-ins within the city limits, the Laurens City Police held a crucial meeting on Friday, February 9, at the Laurens Police Headquarters training room. Chief Grounsell led the gathering, emphasizing the importance of community awareness and involvement in combating this rising issue.

Chief Grounsell conveyed a clear message during the meeting, revealing that all recent auto break-ins involved no forced entry, indicating that the targeted vehicles were left unsecured or unlocked. He stated, “Our community’s safety is a shared responsibility. These incidents could have been prevented with simple preventive measures like locking doors and securing valuables.”

To address this concern and prevent future occurrences, the Laurens City Police initiated a comprehensive social media campaign. The goal is to educate the public about the necessity of locking car doors, securing valuables, and fostering a vigilant community that looks out for one another.

During the meeting, Chief Grounsell highlighted various community services provided by the police department, including property checks, designated extra patrol zones, and the use of the police department app for submitting anonymous tips. The department emphasized its commitment to hosting community meetings whenever specific incidents or groups of incidents raise significant questions, aiming to enhance community outreach and promote policing efforts such as neighborhood watches.

Acknowledging the invaluable support of the community, Chief Grounsell expressed gratitude for the partnership and feedback received from the residents. He stated, “We deeply appreciate the 10,000 extra sets of eyes and ears provided by our citizens. It’s this partnership that strengthens our ability to keep Laurens safe.”

In light of the recent incidents, residents are strongly encouraged to adopt safety measures as part of their nightly routine. The police department suggests the “Lock, Turn On, Bring In” initiative, urging residents to lock up their car, house, windows, garage, gate, and shed, turn on exterior lights, security cameras, and alarm systems, and bring in valuables from their cars, yards, and patios. The suggested designated time for this routine is 9 pm each night (or earlier).

By advocating for proactive safety measures, the Laurens City Police aims to create a more secure and vigilant community, working hand in hand with residents to address and prevent auto break-ins. Future meetings of this nature will be announced on social media and in local news outlets. You can follow the Lauren Police Department on Facebook by clicking HERE.