Laurens Police Department Celebrates Significant Drop in Crime Rates

December 6, 2023

In a recent crime update from the Laurens Police Department (LPD), Chief Keith Grounsell highlighted the remarkable progress the city of Laurens, South Carolina, has made in reducing crime across all categories. The encouraging report attributes this positive change to the collaborative efforts of the citizens and the LPD’s dedicated community outreach initiatives.

The LPD’s commitment to proactive outreach and community engagement has played a pivotal role in fostering a safer environment. With a bolstered social media presence that now boasts over 8,000 followers, the department has successfully connected with the community on a broader scale. This increased online engagement has not only strengthened the bond between law enforcement and residents but has also facilitated the dissemination of important information and updates.

Chief Grounsell emphasized the importance of technology upgrades as a key component of the LPD’s success. These advancements have allowed the department to enhance its efficiency, responsiveness, and overall effectiveness in combating crime. The embrace of a proactive approach to police work, coupled with a robust community policing initiative, has further solidified the LPD’s commitment to building trust and fostering collaboration within the community.

One notable aspect contributing to the positive trend in crime reduction is the LPD’s dedication to maintaining a fully staffed team. Adequate staffing enables the department to respond promptly to incidents, conduct thorough investigations, and implement preventive measures effectively.

Chief Grounsell expressed his satisfaction with the progress made so far, stating, “The community’s active involvement, coupled with our proactive strategies, has resulted in a tangible decrease in crime across the city. We are grateful for the support of our citizens and the hard work of our officers.”

To delve into the specifics of the crime report, interested individuals can access the detailed document by clicking HERE.

While celebrating the achievements, Chief Grounsell acknowledged that there is still work to be done to reach their long-term goals. The success thus far serves as a testament to the effectiveness of the current strategies, indicating that the LPD is on the right path towards creating a safer and more secure community.

As the LPD continues its efforts to combat crime, Chief Grounsell encourages the community to remain engaged and supportive. “We are only as strong as the support we receive from our residents. By working together, we can build on this success and make Laurens an even safer place to live,” he remarked.