Laurens Police Department Harnesses High-Tech Tools to Combat Crime

February 28, 2024

In a recent interview with Fox Carolina’s reporter Myra Ruiz, Chief Keith Grounsell of the Laurens Police Department highlighted the department’s innovative use of technology to fight crime. The interview shed light on the high-tech detective work being employed, making it increasingly challenging for criminals to conceal their digital footprint.

Chief Grounsell emphasized the department’s commitment to progress, stating that they are successfully removing dangerous offenders from the streets. He acknowledged the evolving landscape of crime, noting the importance of addressing the digital aspect. “Everything has a digital footprint nowadays,” Chief Grounsell stated, revealing that the department has taken undisclosed measures to prevent individuals from erasing their digital trail after committing a crime.

The Laurens Police Department established the Office of Investigative Technologies and Intelligence under Chief Grounsell’s leadership. This move came after hiring a detective with a background primarily in the private sector, bringing a unique perspective to law enforcement. The detective’s proficiency in utilizing technology has resulted in over 50 arrests in the past five months alone.

Describing the detective as a “force multiplier,” Chief Grounsell explained that the individual’s work behind a computer is equivalent to having ten people on the streets. The detective’s contributions span a wide range of cases, from domestic violence to major drug cases, stolen guns, burglary, auto break-ins, and even child exploitation cases.

Chief Grounsell underscored the importance of staying ahead in the technological arms race against criminals. Community donations, facilitated through the Laurens Public Safety Foundation, a nonprofit organization, have recently allowed the purchase of 25 license plate readers. Chief Grounsell expressed gratitude for the support but emphasized the need for more, acknowledging that these technologies come at a considerable cost.

“These technologies are not cheap, but we need them to stay one step ahead of the bad guys,” Chief Grounsell stated. He acknowledged the prevalence of negative incidents in the world but emphasized the department’s commitment to making sense of these situations. Community involvement, through donations and support, enables the Laurens Police Department to manage and address crime effectively, offering a sense of reward in helping those in need.

Thank you, Fox Carolina for featuring the LPD and shining a positive light on the work they are doing to keep our community safe.