Laurens Police Department Partnered with Law Enforcement Leadership LLC to Host Leadership Training

June 5, 2023

Last week the Laurens Police Department (LPD) partnered with Anthony Burgess and Law Enforcement Leadership LLC to host a leadership training course.

Participants from nine law enforcement agencies were in attendance for an interactive and informative training geared towards front line supervisors and overall police leadership.

“As police chief, my command staff and I are unwavering in our commitment to empower our staff as exceptional leaders,” said Laurens Police Chief Keith Grounsell. “In an ever-evolving realm of law enforcement, it is imperative for police officers to cultivate a diverse skill set, enabling them to effectively address a myriad of challenges with confidence and proficiency.”

Code-3 sponsored the lunch and participated in the training class discussing police lighting and equipment options for all first responders.

“We look forward to partnering more with Law Enforcement Leadership LLC and Anthony Burgess to continue to develop ethically sound and quality leadership in law enforcement,” said Grounsell.