LCDC Continues to Foster Business Growth in Laurens County

May 15, 2024

In a continuation of efforts aimed at bolstering economic development, the Laurens County Development Corporation (LCDC) is heavily marketing the impressive, nearly- completed 621,000 square-foot Hunter Industrial Spec Building. This facility, strategically located within the Hunter Industrial Park in Laurens, SC, represents far more than mere construction—it signifies a hub where business success can take root and flourish.

Hunter Industrial Park is ideally suited for a range of industries including manufacturing, logistics, distribution, and more. With the new spec building’sits expansive and customizable interior, businesses can mold the space to fit their unique needs and ambitions.

Jonathan Coleman, President, and CEO of LCDC, underscored the significance of this ongoing endeavor, highlighting its role in advancing the county’s economic landscape. “This project epitomizes our commitment to fostering a thriving business environment in Laurens County,” remarked Coleman. “It’s not just about constructing a building; it’s about creating opportunities for businesses to thrive and for our community to prosper.”

The current initiative builds upon a landmark year in 2023, during which Coleman and his dedicated team at LCDC spearheaded a series of accomplishments that signaled a transformative period for the county. Among these achievements were record-breaking investments and job creation, reflecting a steadfast dedication to elevating Laurens County’s economic profile.

With the Hunter Industrial Spec Building nearing completion, the momentum continues to build and the LCDC remains steadfast in its mission to attract and support businesses that will contribute to the long-term prosperity of Laurens County.

For more information about the property click HERE to view the property flyer.