LEAD 2024: A Decade of Gratitude for Greenville County Law Enforcement Officers

June 27, 2024

LEAD Upstate announced the official launch of LEAD 2024 at a press conference held recently at Bon Secours Wellness Arena, marking a decade of expressing profound gratitude to the law enforcement officers of Greenville County. This year’s event promises to be more impactful than ever, as it celebrates the dedication and bravery of local heroes.

Seabrook Marchant, the founder of LEAD Upstate, opened the launch with heartfelt remarks. “In the early years, our event began as a breakfast gathering at Tommy’s Ham House with increasing attendance each year. However, the arrival of COVID-19 necessitated a significant change in our approach. What initially seemed like a setback turned out to be a blessing in disguise.” The event was transformed to a drive through event making easier and more efficient to serve more officers.

He continued, “Last year, nearly 600 officers drove through the Greenville Downtown Airport loop within a span of about three hours. This year, we anticipate up to 650 officers, possibly more. LEAD Upstate is proud to highlight the commitment, dedication, and bravery demonstrated by the men and women in law enforcement agencies serving Greenville County.”

Presenting Sponsor: CPI Security
CPI Security is the presenting sponsor for LEAD 2024. Kristi O’Connor, Media Relations and Content Manager for CPI Security attended the event and shared, “We have a decades-long commitment to our customers, communities, and first responders with a goal of safety and security. Our mission is to protect homes and businesses – and we couldn’t do that without our first responders, especially our trusted partners in law enforcement.”

She added, “Day after day, we answer calls for break-ins, fires, carbon monoxide alarms, and more. And while we dispatch first responders, they selflessly rush towards danger to protect our communities. On behalf of everyone at CPI, we thank you for your service.”
VIP Sponsor: Bon Secours Wellness Arena

Bon Secours Wellness Arena is recognized as the VIP Reception Sponsor, providing invaluable support. The arena hosted the launch event and will also host the VIP Reception, which will preview the LEAD event on September 20 for top sponsors and Greenville County dignitaries. Their ongoing partnership and commitment are integral to the success of LEAD 2024, ensuring a memorable and impactful experience for all participants.

September 20th
The highlight of the efforts will take place on Friday, September 20th, starting at 6 AM, when law enforcement officers from all around Greenville County will be welcomed with coffee, breakfast from Chick-fil-A, and a variety of gifts as they drive through the line of gratitude at the Greenville Downtown Airport. This year, they are expecting to serve 650 officers, making it the largest event to date.

For more information about LEAD Upstate visit leadupstate.com. To make a donation to support the initiative go to https://leadupstate.com/donate/.

“Law enforcement officers put on their uniforms every day, not knowing if they will return home that evening. LEAD is just one way we can express our immense gratitude,” Seabrook Marchant concluded.

Thank you for joining us in the biggest THANK YOU to the brave men and women who keep the community safe.