Local entrepreneur authors second business book to aid small business owners

January 9, 2024

Serial entrepreneur and small business owner Trevor Gordon has released his second business book entitled Accessible Small Business OwnershipThere is more than one way to have it as a guide to help new entrepreneurs navigate some of the nuances of business ownership.

“With my first book, The Power of Pivot – Building a Life of Uncommon Success, I wanted to take the readers through a journey of the lessons I had learned over the years that helped me in business and into ultimately what would be my own business enterprises,” states Gordon, the Manager, CFO, CIO and Portfolio Manager for SLG Investment Holdings, LLC and its affiliates (https://slginvestment.com). “With this book I wanted to create an easy resource to help other rising entrepreneurs in starting and running their businesses.”

Accessing Small Business Ownership seeks to be a guide for entrepreneurs to discover; the blueprint to launch their first business, how to be a boss and what that can look like, developing product, how and who to collaborate with, hiring the right people and ultimately how to protect your business among other things.

Gordon continues, “I am hoping to deliver some pearls of wisdom based on my experiences in business along with investment and ownership that people may find valuable. If I can help just one small business owner start and grow their business and have those successes that can come with it, writing this book will have been worth it.”

You can find Accessible Small Business Ownership on Amazon.com in paperback and Kindle formats, or go to https://trevorlgordon.com.



Trevor Gordon is a serial entrepreneur, small business investor and operator, and the award-winning author of “The Power of Pivot – Building a Life of Uncommon Success” and the recently released “Accessible Small Business Ownership – There is more than one to have it.” With over 30 years of experience in various industries, he has successfully launched, grown, and sold multiple businesses, as well as invested in and operated several others. He is currently the Co-Founder, Manager, CFO, and CIO of SLG Investment Holdings, LLC, a strategic investor and operator in and of private businesses and other properties across the country through its affiliates. As the Manager, CFO, and CIO of SLG Investment Holdings, he manages the financial, technological, and operational aspects of the company and its affiliates, which include SLG Staffing, Package Concepts, SLG Real Estate Holdings, and Foothills Food Group. He was the founder and CEO of Sandlapper Capital Investments, LLC, and affiliates, which provided investment management and advisory services to clients. He is also the Co-Founder, and Manager of AG Ventures, LLC, a firm created to make franchise investments. Gordon is a visionary leader and investor who leverages his extensive knowledge, skills, and network to create value and impact in various sectors and markets. He is passionate about empowering and inspiring others to achieve their goals and aspirations, and to embrace change and innovation. Find him on-line at https://TrevorLGordon.com and https://www.linkedin.com/in/trevorgordon/.