Local Resident Justin Lane Announces Candidacy for County Representative, Prioritizing Community Involvement and Fiscal Responsibility

April 8, 2024

Lifelong resident Justin Lane has announced his candidacy for County Council District 7 Representative, pledging to prioritize community involvement, fiscal responsibility, and safety in Joanna and Clinton.

Born and raised in Clinton, Justin Lane is deeply rooted in the fabric of his community. A graduate of Clinton High School, he has been an active member of Welcome Baptist Church in Union for many years and has dedicated countless hours to community initiatives such as the Joanna Clean-Up and volunteering at the Christ Central Mission Station in Joanna.

Lane’s passion for service shines through his work experiences, including roles at Chick-fil-A during high school and a stint at the South Carolina State House during his college years. It was during this time that Lane realized his true calling lay in serving his hometown. Reflecting on his time in Columbia, Lane remarked, “I realized my heart was here in my community when I started noticing the immediate needs of it.”

Lane’s professional trajectory led him to serve as a Grassroots Associate/Manager for Americans for Prosperity, where he actively lobbied for bills in the South Carolina State House and Senate, notably advocating for School Choice initiatives.

Driven by a commitment to transparency, fiscal responsibility, and safety, Lane’s platform centers on community engagement and effective resource allocation. “I’m running to be an active representative of Joanna and Clinton and have the community involved in County proceedings,” Lane stated. “We need to better use County funds for things that truly benefit the community, including improving EMS coverage and enabling our Sheriff’s department to better protect our area.”

As Lane embarks on his candidacy, he invites the residents of Joanna and Clinton to join him in shaping a brighter future for their community.