LushAcres Farm Adds New Product Line

December 21, 2022

LushAcres Farm and Market recently announced their new product line from Faithful Foods. It’s a full line of mixes for biscuits, pancakes & waffles, desserts, dips, bread, soups, rice, and marinades.

The food line comes from Faithful Foods Inc.  Faithful Foods, has been creating handmade artisan mixes, confections and foods for the South Carolina Midlands and the Southeastern US since 1995 when their gift basket business incorporated, branched out and became a food producer, too.

All proceeds support Thornwell’s mission to prevent child abuse and neglect, build and reunite families, and support healthy communities in the name of Jesus Christ. For every purchase made, you’re directly supporting a child or family being served by Thornwell’s continuum of care.

The product line is available at the LushAcres Market which will be open Thursday (12:00-6pm) so stop by and get your last minute shopping done.

The Thornwell farm team has joined the city’s new business incubator project along with Aspen & Figs and have a selection of their LushAcres Farm brand products available for purchase in the downtown location. Seasonal produce will also be available in the Spring.

For more information click HERE to go to their website.

Here are some photos of some items in the new product line.