LushAcres Farm and Market Extends Hours and Announces Fresh Supply of Local Beef

May 27, 2024

LushAcres Farm and Market recently announced the extension of its market hours. With the addition of new team members, the market will now be open from Monday through Saturday, 9 AM to 6 PM, offering even better access to the community’s favorite local foods.

The expanded hours come just in time for the announcement that LushAcres Farm is fully stocked with premium local beef. Customers can look forward to a wide selection of cuts, all known for great marbling and superior taste. Raised right here in Clinton, LushAcres beef is now available in various cuts, with ground beef conveniently packaged in 1 lb. and 2 lb. packs.

For those who haven’t visited recently, now is an ideal time to stop by and discover all the fantastic products in stock.

LushAcres Farm and Market is located at 1875 W. Maple St Extension in Clinton. The team looks forward to welcoming customers to experience the best in local food with the convenience of extended hours.

In addition to enjoying fresh produce and locally sourced meats, purchases at LushAcres Market help support Thornwell and its array of community programs.