Midlands Education and Business Alliance Announces Leadership Changes

January 16, 2008

COLUMBIA, SC – January 15, 2008 –  The Midlands Education and Business Alliance (MEBA) Board of Directors announced staff leadership changes at its January board meeting.  Dr. Kaye K. Shaw, Coordinator of the Midlands Regional Education Center, has been named MEBA’s Executive Director.  Shaw will continue to serve as Coordinator of the Midlands Regional Education Center, strengthening the partnership between the two organizations and helping to boost the effectiveness and productivity of both.

“These leadership changes are being made to ensure that MEBA’s organizational structure is closely aligned with the Education and Economic Development Act of 2005,” said. Robert Dozier, chair of MEBA’s board of directors.  “We are confident this improved structure will allow us to achieve greater results more efficiently, making us more effective and beneficial to the people and groups we serve.” 

“I am honored and eager to serve both of these dynamic organizations,” said Shaw.  “The joint efforts of MEBA and the Midlands Regional Education Center will allow us to better utilize our resources, provide more professional development and training opportunities and ultimately, offer more to the communities we serve.”

Lisa D. Call has been named MEBA’s Chief Operating Officer.  Call has served as MEBA’s Workforce Development Director and Career Specialist for nine years and recently served as its Interim Executive Director.  In her new role, Call will be responsible for the daily operations of MEBA.

Kay H. Barlow will serve as Community and Parent Education Director, bolstering and enhancing the parent education component of MEBA’s mission. 

Stacey Westberry will serve as MEBA’s Professional Development Director and Regional Career Specialist, providing more resources and professional development for career specialists and career development facilitators. 

Holly D. Cummings continues her work as MEBA’s Community Development Director, strengthening the awareness of MEBA’s mission and achievements and strengthening its financial base.

Linda Whitaker will continue to provide support to the MEBA team as its Administrative Assistant. 

“The boards of both MEBA and the Midlands Regional Education Center have worked together closely since the beginning,” said Kama Staton, chair of the Midlands Regional Education Center Advisory Board, member of MEBA’s board of directors and the Midlands Workforce Development board, and Workforce Development Coordinator for Lexington Medical Center.  “Bringing both organizations under the leadership of Dr. Shaw makes perfect sense.  Her experience and leadership will ensure a seamless connection of missions and help expand our reach and maximize our value.” 


Midlands Education and Business Alliance (MEBA) is a non-profit organization that works to connect students, parents, educators and employers to education and career opportunities in Richland, Lexington and Fairfield Counties through programs and partnerships of business, school, college, faith and other community leaders.  The work is carried out by a full-time professional staff who provide career planning services to 7 colleges and universities, 9 school districts, 151 schools and nearly 100,000 students, and coordinates the activities of more than 200 volunteers from business and education.  MEBA is proud to be a model for building partnerships between education and businesses to create pathways for students from school to work.  For more information, please visit our Web site at www.mebasc.com.